Exercises in Biophysical Engineering D

Objective: To acquire the fundamentals of system control engineering through exercises

  • Part 1 Understanding Laplace Transforms [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 2 Differential Equation Models in Mechanodynamic Systems [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 3 Block Diagrams: Visual Representation of the Structure of a System [Exercises in PDF].
  • Part 4 Differential Equation Models of Electric Circuits [Exercises in PDF].
  • Part 5 Bode diagram: Analysis of input/output characteristics of a system [Exercises in PDF].
  • Part 6 Bode Diagrams of Electric Circuits [Exercises in PDF].
  • Part 7 Quadratic delay system Relation between poles and dynamics of a system [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 8 Stability of Systems Rouse-Hurwitz Stability Discriminant [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 9 Proportional, Integral and Differential Control [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 10 State Space Representation of Systems [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 11 Rank and Inverse of System Matrices [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 12 Controllability and Observability of Systems 1 [Exercises PDF].
  • Part 13 controllability and observability of systems 2 [Exercises PDF].

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